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Do Miami-Dade County Snakes Come Out At Night?

Many people believe that Miami-Dade County snakes do not sleep and this is the main region they even keep on visiting human habitats in night hours. Actually, the snakes do not blink their eyes that make people think that snakes are always awake. However, the real fact is that snakes can sleep with open eyes and they need to much sleep per day. Some snakes are even reported to sleep for more than 16 or 20 hours in a day. It is requited for their muscle relaxation, heart rate management, and normal breathing process.

Now the next main question is that do Florida snakes come out at night? And the answer is that they may or may not be. It basically depends upon whether they are hungry or not and also on the weather conditions outside. Snake is hungry it doesn’t mean that it will come to the human house to eat a person. Snakes have nothing to do with humans rather they live on rodents such as mice, rats, and lizards, etc. that are often found near human habitats. If you find snakes moving in your yard or garden during night hours it means your premises is loaded with some good foodstuff in the form of rodents and snake is just filling his empty stomach.

The Miami-Dade County snake lives with circadian rhythm. There are few snake species that are diurnal in nature whereas others are completely nocturnal. You may find few snake species that stay active in night hours whereas others count both day and night hours equally. Sometimes a snake may stay at one location in one posture for several hours, even for days and weeks. This behavior of snakes is observed when it is actually foraging. When snake stays in this position for a long time, it is actually waiting curiously for its prey. It means the snake is fully awake and active; as soon as it will get its prey around, it will strike and enjoy his food.

The snake eyes do not have eyelids; they are simply covered with captivity and clear scales. Also, the snake does not care about bright lights and noise, so it rarely reacts to such things, and you may feel that snake is in a deep sleep. But the time when the snake is hungry; it won’t look whether it is day or night, it will simply come out of its habitat and start searching for prey. Note that most snakes can see clearly in dark hours as well, so they can easily wonder here and there during the night.

Note that Florida snakes are cold-blooded reptiles, so they often find it difficult to live in cold weather during the winter season. That is why they try to search for some warm areas during the night when it gets too cold outside. There is a snake called as night snake that stays highly active during night hours, but it is found only in few specific regions of the world.

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