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When we arrive, we will inspect your building using a 32-point inspection process. It’s a comprehensive and extensive inspection, but one that will pinpoint the problem areas of your property - the areas in which the animals are gaining access. Once we have identified those, we can use exclusion devices to remove the critters from the main holes, sealing the smaller ones. When all critters are safely removed from the property, the exclusion devices allowing an exit, but not an entrance, the remaining holes are sealed, and an extensive repair project will take place. This ensures that all damage caused by the wildlife cannot cause further problems, and also that the animals themselves won’t be able to re-gain access. It’s a tried and tested method for wildlife control, and one that we have learned over the last ten years we have been working in this industry. That’s why we have been voted as the number one company in the metropolitan area for wildlife control and removal, and that’s three years running too. Our customers love us, not only for our professional service and standard of work, but also for the friendly people who work for us. That’s what you get when you hire a family run business, and that’s why you should get in touch for a free quote today!