Do Miami-Dade County Skunks Climb Trees Or Fences?

Skunks do not like to roam openly rather they prefer to stay hidden without coming to plain sights. They look for hollow spaces in trees and create dens to live comfortably. Skunks always try to live in the dense shelter where they can raise their babies without any danger from predators. Also, they are nocturnal animals, so they do not come out in day hours rather they prefer to roam at night to search for food. However, the mother Miami-Dade County skunks can often be found visiting the surrounding locations in the day hours to get enough food for babies. Generally, skunks are observed near sheds, attics, fenced yards, and gardens so many people are curious to know whether these animals can climb the fences and trees or not.

If you are also interested to know this fact, then the precise answer is that Miami-Dade County skunks are skilled enough to climb and they can do this task very well. However, studies show that these creatures are much better at burrowing and they prefer to reside in the dens created on the ground. Skunks can use their climbing skills to get inside human habitat and will destroy it completely within no time. They are observed to visit gardens and yards even when they are protected with fences because they can easily climb them when they need to search for some food at night. Skunks can also get on the trees to avoid climbing over fencing and when they are not able to dig the burros below the ground. They just climb on the short fences and then shift to tree branches so that they can easily jump on the yards and roofs.

Now it is clear that Florida skunks are clever enough to get inside the house by any mean. They can climb the fences or can also dig burrows below the ground, so if you live in a skunk affected area, it is good to look for some suitable method to avoid them. In case if you are thinking to install fence deep below the ground to avoid their digging behavior, it is also important to keep this fence high above the ground as well. They cannot reach up to the high fences, but yes if the fence above ground is less then 3 feet, these notorious creatures can easily get inside. In order to avoid their access to your yard and roof, it is also important to trim the trees near fences so that skunks do not find a way from the fence to tree and then to your roof.

In case if Miami-Dade County skunks have already entered your premises and it is destroying your garden and vegetations as well, it is right time to call skunk exterminators. The professional animal removal company can help you to get rid of these destructive creatures as soon as possible. Once you are successful in taking them out of your property, it is important to close all the entry points and install fences to keep them out forever.

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