Do Miami-Dade County Rodents Like Rats And Mice Feel Pain?

Many people ask this question, do rodents like Miami-Dade County rats and mice feel pain? As per a recent study carried out by professionals in Applied Animal Behaviour Science, some interesting facts have been collected about the behavior of rodents towards pain. You might be aware of the fact that rats and mice are commonly used for testing various medications that are later used for human disease treatment. During such experiments, experts made a certain analysis on how well these tiny rodents can handle the feeling of pain.

There is no doubt to say that rats and Florida mice also feel the pleasure and pain same as humans. Researchers say that when these rodents are in pain, they usually express it with puffed out cheeks, swollen nose, flattened ears and narrowed eyes. This is their common technique to show their discomfort. The next question in front of scientists was that do these expressions leave any message to other rodent species around. At the beginning stage, it was believed that these variations are just simple physiological reactions and they do not mean anything so deeply. But when further research on this topic was carried out, it was observed that other rodents also respond to the pain of their fellow. Same as humans are able to read the changing expressions on rat’s face, other rodents are also able to do the same.

Studies also reveal that mice and Miami-Dade County rat-like species are able to communicate with each other via high-frequency sounds. Although these frequency pitches are not recognized by humans, they can be easily heard by similar kind of species. It seems like mice and rat have a strong bond with the mates and other group members; with time, they also become emotionally attached to each other same as humans. They not just express their pain by changing expressions on their face, rather they also get actively involved in caring for their suffering mate. Experts say that these rodents make facial expressions quite similar to that of humans and they share a strong bond with each other. Their pain level is measured by a specific formula that is named as grimace scale. This scale helps to measure the pain of an animal from its facial expressions. Studies also show that rodents also show sympathy to another animal by changing the expression on their face.

In short, the body of Florida rat and mice can tell how much pain they are feeling. Some researchers are still doing further studies on these facts and are trying to get more valuable data. However, rats and mice have emotions; they are not domestic animals. It is good to keep them away from home because they can cause huge destruction inside. In case if you have rat or mice infestation, it is good to call professional rodent removal team as soon as possible. Experts know the right techniques to take these rodents away from the property without even causing any harm to them. They can be further left at a place loaded with more sources of survival.

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