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What Animals Do Miami-Dade County Rats Kill?

There is no doubt to say that Miami-Dade County rats are dangerous rodents and they are evolving with horrible characteristics day by day. In the United States, rat infestation has become common trouble, and most homeowners are in trouble due to these rodents. These creatures can cause huge damage to the premises by tearing down various things; they can also attack your food storage and kitchen collection. Moreover, these rodents are carriers of various harmful diseases that can get transferred to the pets and humans in the house. It is well proven that rats are often drawn by blood, and that is why they try to bite whenever they come in contact with human body. By knowing this fact, now most of you might be interested to know whether rats can kill other animals or not? And if yes, which animals they can attack? Well! rats can definitely kill other animals, however, when they kill, and how they kill completely depends on the situation.

You might be aware of the fact that Florida rats are omnivorous creatures. It means when they are starving with hunger, they can eat anything that comes their way. In few situations, you may also catch a rat feeding on mice as well. Although rats are not so dedicated to killing mice, they will do so if both these rodents by mistake occupy the same territory. The terrible thing is that in few situations, rats are also dangerous for pets such as small cats and dogs as they can also kill them. The larger dogs and cats are best predators to rats, but the smaller puppies and kittens can usually get into risk when they come in contact with rats. In case if you have a litter of dogs and cats in your premises, there are chances that rats will visit the area to attack them.

Generally, Miami-Dade County rats do not kill other animals, but in case if they do not find anything to eat so long, they can target other rodents as well. In the winter months, when they find scarcity of food sources, they can also look for other animals to eat. It is observed that rats rarely attack larger animals, but as these rodents are attracted towards blood so in case if they smell an injured animal around, they will definitely love to attack. In such situations, rats may also kill the injured animals that are already too weak to take defensive action. Indeed, this is one of the most terrible facts about rat species and their feeding habits.

In case if you have Florida rats in your premises or they have created nests in your attic, garage or basements, it is good to call rat exterminators as soon as possible. The professional rat removal company can help you to get rid of these scary animals as soon as possible. Note that states laws do not allow homeowners to kill and trap rats, so it is better to follow safe procedures to remove them.

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